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Important News

--- 03/02/2021 ---

Personal Property E-File

E-File your personal property assessment list online today!

In a box on the right hand side of your assessment sheet is your account number and ePIN number.  Complete your assessment online and receive a confirmation number when you are finished filing.  Website account information is updated on a nightly basis.  Personal Property Declarations are due by March 1 to avoid penalty.

IMPORTANT: If you have not received a declaration and owned any personal property as of January 1st, please notify our office.

  • This website will allow Appraisers, Realtors, Surveyors, Bankers, and the general public, the convenience of looking up basic real estate data, deed informaton, sale information, and personal property.  Personal property should update nightly.  Please be aware that Real Estate is not updated daily.  It is updated periodically, unless it is a split or combinaton, then it is updated approximately 4 times a year.  REAL ESTATE VALUES ARE THE CERTIFIED VALUES FOR 2020.