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Important News

--- 08/28/2020 ---

Not knowing what the future holds with this Covid19 pandemic,  we have launched a New Website earlier than anticipated with the help of our software vendor.  This website will allow you to look at your personal property data and file your assessment sheet on line next year or you can call the office and we will  try and help you over the phone.  We hope this website makes it more convenient for you, the taxpayer, in getting your assessment information turned in, as well as make it more convenient for individuals needing basic real estate information.  

This website will allow Appraisers, Realtors, Suveyors, Bankers, and the general public, the convenience of looking up basic real estate data, deed information, sale information,and personal property.  Personal property should update nightly.  Please be aware that Real Estate is not updated daily.  It is updated periodically, unless it is a split or combination, then it is updated approximately 4 times a year).  REAL ESTATE VALUES ARE THE CERTIFIED VALUES FOR 2019.  

  • Personal Property lists are due by March 1

  • If you are a GIS subscriber and are having difficulty logging into your Midland GIS subscription, please check your renewal date.

  • For more information please visit our Subscription Information page by clicking the link on the left side of the Home page or call us at 660-663-3300 ext. 1